It has occurred to me that while I have heard many phrases spoken throughout my lifetime, there are still an infinite number of verbal combinations that have never been uttered.  Even familiar words can be arranged in a manner that renders them unique and even unsettling.  To this point, I will list a number of heretofore unheard phrases below:

“Behold, the pinata regatta, as was foretold by the great prophet, Steve.”

“Happy Cinco de Mayo!  My name is Prime Minister Heironymous Spankenschlager, and I’m here to talk to you about the Church of Latter Day Saints.”

“I went to the park today, and the ducks fed me breadcrumbs.”

“Let’s get Netflix so we can watch The Ranch!”

“I was rereading it the other day, and Garfield really holds up.”

“I’ve been doing it for two months now, but I have no desire to tell anyone about my Crossfit workout.”

“I went to the park today and fed ducks to the breadcrumbs.”

“This is a most unwelcome avalanche of kittens.”

“Live long and jodhpurs.”

“I was going to get a second opinion about my surgery, but my mother taught me to trust men in berets.”

“I went to the breadcrumbs today and parked a duck.”

“And so I stabbed him one last time, and as the light in his eyes faded, I said, ‘That’s Dame Judi Dench!'”

Try to work one of these heretofore unheard phrases into a conversation, and have a pleasant day.